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The Iraqi Democratic Future Network is looking for election campaigns enhancing national unity


Tuesday 29 December 2009, by Iraqi Democratic Future Network

The intensity of competition among the political movement increased with the
proximity of the electoral campaigns. The level of intensity reached the stage of “political dropping”. Our network observed essays, statements and announcements targeting and defaming political, religious and parliamentary characters.

However we have enormous hope in political entities to have integrated competition,
conforming to standards that serve the purpose our country’s needs. We hope each
political entity shows electoral programs that fulfill a bright political future for our
country and people. We are looking for these entities to bring plans that reflect the
citizenship and spirit, and preserve the sovereignty and stability of Iraq as well as
implementing optimum services.

These entities should adopt a
communication style which reflects the scope of their education and their status as
political and national leaders instead of the style of defamation and offence to
misguide the electors. We hope these political entities contribute in bridging the
gap where the country’s enemies attempt to enter from. We also hope that the
Iraq High Electoral Commission accelerates in specifying the period of the electoral campaigns as well as
penalizing the political entities which started their campaigns precociously and
infringed the disciplines and instructions of IHEC.

Finally, we invite all the competing entities and political candidates in the parliamentary
election to render the upcoming parliamentary election sample for an integrated
and transparent election. We call them to adopt the style of transparency and
respecting the multiplicity as well as all the Iraqi components. We call them to turn
the coming election the infrastructure to build a new start that brings Iraq out of the
quagmire it is now in. We are encouraging the political entities to make their
competition in the election more integrated to have eventually Iraq characterized by
democracy, federalism, prosperity and unity.



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